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CVFL Rules and Info

CVFL League Info and Rules




The Champlain Valley Futsal League (CVFL) is a fun interactive league of 5v5 Futsal play that is geared towards improving footwork in a competitive atmosphere. Teams will be accepted from across Chittenden and Addison County and will be placed in leagues based upon the most appropriate level of competition. Leagues will be played in 3 – 7 week sessions beginning in early November and ending in the beginning of April. We hope you enjoy playing in our leagues.


League Information

League nights are as follows:

U-12 and U-14 Boys – Monday Nights

U-10 Boys and U12 and U14 Girls – Tuesday Nights

HS Boys and HS Girls – Friday Nights


Session Dates:

Session 1: Oct 31st – December 16th, 2014

Session 2: January 5th – February 20th, 2015

Session 3: February 23rd – April 10th, 2015


Playoff Format:

Playoffs begin after Week 5 of Divisional Play and occur over a 2-week period. All playoff games will be full matches. After the 5th week, teams in each league will be broken into two pods: “The Top 4” and “The Field.” Only teams in the Top 4 will have the opportunity to play for the League Championship. During Week 6, based on the League Standings, the semifinal round of the playoffs for the Top 4 will be as follows:

Week 6 –

Semifinal 1 – 1st Place vs 4th Place

Semifinal 2 – 2nd Place vs 3rd Place


During Week 7, the two semifinal winners will play a full match for the League Championship. During Week’s 6-7 teams that are in “The Field” will play full matches against other teams who are in “The Field” or the losing teams of the semifinal matches from Week 6, during the final week.



1. All players must be listed on the Team Roster so that CVFL can create scorecards for stat keeping

2. Teams may add players to their roster during the first four weeks of a session as permanent additions to the roster

3. Roster limit of 11 players per team

4. Teams are allowed no more than 3 guest players per game (please alert CVFL for extenuating circumstances) – note: players who are listed as guests must be written in on the game cards.


Scorecards, Stats and Record Keeping:

1. Each week a Team Official (manager or coach) will need to pick up a scorecard from the Front Desk. Scorecards will have a list of the team’s current roster with a grid to tally goals for the week’s game.

2. Scorecards and stats are only made available for U-12 leagues and above

3. A Team Official is responsible for recording player goals on the scorecards.

4. At the completion of the game, scorecards must be signed by opposing coach and official and handed in to the front desk to be tabulated

5. It is the responsibility of the Team Official to hand in scorecards. CVFL Staff will not chase down Team Officials for scorecards. Failure to hand in scorecards will result in your team’s players being ineligible for any stats or awards for missing weeks

6. Please be mindful as a coach to teach players the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. While keeping stats can be geared towards individual awards, the point is not to run up scores on opponents and create players who try to increase their goal totals in search of awards. As a coach it is important to teach this lesson to your players and note that while this function is part of the CVFL, it should not be any players #1 priority.


Player Equipment:

7. Each team will receive a colored CVFL shirt for the league. Teams must wear this shirt as their uniform. Shorts and socks do not need to match.

8. In the event of a color conflict the home team must wear pinnies.

9. Shin guards and socks are mandatory.

10. Cleats or flats can be worn on the Shelburne Field House Turf


Game Specific Rules


1. Each game in all leagues will have one certified referee

2. Referee will operate scoreboard and keep record of the game. Scorecards for both teams need to be signed by referee and opposing coach after the game and then handed into the front desk

3. Reports of ejections will be recorded on the referee gamecard and filed before leaving the facility. Referees will check before starting the game and inform the team captains if there is an ejected player on his/her team. The game will not begin until that player has left the playing field and bench.


Sideline Restarts:

1. The ball is restarted from the sideline as a kick-in.

2. Restarts are kicked in where it crossed the touchline by the opponents of the player who last touched the ball.

3. Players on the defending team must be at least 3 meters from the place where the kick-in is taken

4. A player cannot score from a sideline restart. It is an indirect kick (however, a goal may be scored directly off a corner kick which is a direct kick).


Penalty Kicks:

1. The defending keeper must remain on the goal line between the goal posts until the ball has been kicked.

2. The ball is place at the top of the penalty arc



1. A kick-off is the way of starting or restarting play at the start of the game, after a goal has been scored, and at the start of the second half of the game.

2. The ball must move forward on a kick-off.

3. The kicker may not touch the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player.

4. A goal may be scored directly from the kick-off.


Goal Clearances From Goalkeepers:

1. The goal clearance is awarded when the whole ball, having last been touched by a player of the attacking team, passes over the goal line.

2. The ball is thrown from any point within the penalty area by the keeper of the defending team. All balls thrown in from the keeper must hit the ground or a player before going over half field. If the ball does not hit the ground or a player, a direct kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center dot at half field.

3. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is put in play outside of the penalty area.

4. If the ball is not thrown directly beyond the penalty area, the goal clearance is retaken.

5. If, after the ball is in play, the keeper touches the ball a second time before it is touched by another player, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team from the place of the infringement.

6. If the goal clearance is not taken within five seconds from the time that the keeper takes possession of the ball an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team, to be taken from the penalty area line at the place nearest to where the infringement occurred.



1. Each team has unlimited substitutions

2. Subs can be made on the fly. The ball does not need to be stopped or out of play for a substitute.

3. Substituting players must enter and leave the field from the bench side of the field.


Notable Rules:

1. Slide tackles are not permitted at anytime and will result in a free kick

2. Sliding is only permitted by keepers but it must be in their penalty area.

3. A player who receives a yellow card must serve a two-minute penalty. This results in a power play for the opposing team as the player cannot be replaced during this time. If the opposing team scores during the 2-minute power play, a player may then be released from the penalty as teams will be at even strength.

4. A player who is red carded is suspended immediately for the remainder of the match. They are also suspended for the next match (if not more under the discretion of the CVFL Administration). 5. If a player is red carded, the team will play down a man for 2 minutes and then may replace the red carded player

6. A red carded player must leave the playing field and bench area

7. Players must be listed on the roster to be eligible for the playoffs in the Top 4 bracket. 8. Minimum of four players required to start and continue any Futsal game



1. Scoring –

▪ Win (3 points)

▪ Loss (0 points)

▪ Tie (1 point)

2. Forfeit counts as a 6-0 loss

3. Referees may stop posting the score on the scoreboard after a 10-goal differential and a maximum of 10 goals plus will be posted in the standings. (note: please be mindful if scores are plus 10 GD with trying to scores goals for stat padding – this league is competitive, however running up scores is frowned up).

4. To establish placement in the playoffs the following criteria will be used

in order of importance:

▪ Points

▪ Head to head

▪ Goal differential

▪ Goals against

▪ Goals for

▪ Coin flip


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